4 Reasons You Gain Belly Fat

4 Reasons You Gain Belly Fat

johnny g 08-02-2020

People today are supremely tired of gaining fat around their bellies and in places they would rather not have any fat. Excess belly fat, in addition to being extremely unattractive, is also incredibly unhealthy. It has been associated with risk factors such as Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and heart diseases. The medical term that is used for the occurrence of unhealthy fat around the belly is “visceral fat.” This refers to the excess fat that surrounds all the organs such as the liver in the abdomen. Keto One is a revolutionary supplement in this regard as it helps you lose the extra fat around your belly in the healthiest way possible.

Here are four compelling reasons why you gain belly fat:

  • Beverages and Sugary Foods

People consume more sugar today than they realize. There are countless high-sugar foods including candies and cakes in addition to the so-called “healthier” options such as frozen yogurts and muffins. Flavored coffee drinks, soda, sweet tea is also one of the most well-known sugar-sweetened beverages. It has been found that all these beverages and sugary foods have a level of fructose of added sugars. This reduces the metabolic rate and fat burning capability in people. Thus, increasing belly fat and decreasing insulin sensitivity. Also, having these sugary foods and beverages entails consuming a large amount of sugar in a very short period of time which is the main cause of belly fat gain.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is one beverage that has both healthy as well as harmful effects on your body. When you drink it in moderate amounts, especially red wine, you might help your body by lowering the risk of strokes and heart attacks. On the contrary, excessive intake of alcohol can also lead to liver damage, inflammation as well as other health problems. Countless studies have also shown that alcohol also suppresses the burning of fat in the body and all the excess fat and calories that are gained from alcohol are stored as belly fat, giving rise to the term “beer belly.”

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  • Trans Fats

If you want to find the unhealthiest fat ever on the planet, meet Trans Fats! This fat is created when hydrogen is added to unsaturated fats to make them much more stable. Trans fats are a standard ingredient in packaged foods like baking mixes, muffins, and crackers which are used in order to increase their shelf life. Trans fats are also responsible for increasing inflammation in the body and accumulating belly fat.

  • Inactivity

Another very crucial for gaining belly fat is a sedentary lifestyle. It is also one of the most significant risk factors that contribute to poor health. Thanks to the rapid development and advancement in technology, people have become less active. Therefore, this has given rise to unwanted health problems such as abdominal obesity. It has also been found through an observational study that people watch more and more TV every day. This is why it is said that inactivity greatly contributes to belly fat gain.

Bottom Line:

In addition to all these reasons, there are several more such as low-protein diets, menopause, wrong gut bacteria, packaged fruit juices, cortisol and stress as well as low-fiber diets. Genetics might also play a role in abdominal weight gain sometimes, but more often than not, you can do something about the fat gain problem around your belly.