Best treatment options for Dyspareunia.

Best treatment options for Dyspareunia.

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Dyspareunia is painful sex due to medical, emotional, or unknown reasons. While maximum women hesitate to discuss this unpleasant condition, as stated by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) 20% or more of women undergo painful penetration. Sexual pain can happen right prior to, throughout, or following sexual activity. Although dyspareunia prevalently affects women, it can also be an issue for men.

Experiencing sexual pain causes relationship and health issues. Medical experts might initially prescribe medicines for sexual dysfunction, but they can produce unpleasant adverse effects. Females desire to gain benefit from natural remedies that help in avoiding pain during sexual activity.

Natural treatment options for Dyspareunia

Healthy Lifestyle

Preserving health and fitness can be more manageable than it seems. By eating a wholesome diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables, drinking good volumes of water, and avoiding too much alcohol or nicotine consumption are beneficial lifestyle modifications to make in your life. Postmenopausal females dealing with elevated levels of estrogen might need to make adjustments in their diet to promote weight loss in order to enhance vaginal lubrication. When all these measures are taken properly, they enhance your overall health while helping you to cope with female sexual issues.


Sex Counseling

Female sexual issues are complex, and for most females, dyspareunia is an issue of mental health. The causes range from being abused sexually, encountering sexual trauma or distress and despair. For many, the specific cause is not clear. Women who are suffering in silence might find relief by speaking to a sex therapist to discover the underlining problem and begin the healing procedure. Inquire your physician regarding therapist recommendations. 

Include extended Foreplay

One likely reason for pain during sex is not having sufficient foreplay. The vagina's natural lubricant increases with enhanced blood flow because of arousal. Before making any sexual contact, take time to spice things up, which could assist alleviate painful sex. However this might not reduce deep pain initially, it might improve female sexual issues and prove useful over time.


Vaginal Lubricants

Vaginal atrophy is a popular cause of dyspareunia. If your vaginal tissues lack lubrication, severe stinging pain can result. The reason vaginal atrophy occurs is the combining of various causes, such as:

  • Treatment of cancer such as radiation therapy
  •  Undergoing pre or postmenopausal symptoms
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease


One of the best treatments for vaginal atrophy is the application of a water-based, glycerin-free lubricant prior to sexual activity.  

Vaginal Moisturizer

Using vaginal moisturizer to treat vaginal dryness is a useful natural remedy for pain during sex. Vaginal moisturizers can prove more efficient than vaginal lubricants. Also, you can use them every 2-3 hours or throughout the day. When your vagina is moist enough, sex will be less painful.


Vaginal Dilators

One of the natural treatments for sexual pain is using vaginal dilators. They are tube-like devices utilized to naturally expand and lengthen the vagina.

Initially, using dilators might appear difficult, but starting slowly assists make the procedure more convenient. As you start to expand the pelvic floor muscles, sex, a pelvic examination, or even tampon insertion becomes more pain-free.