Ericsson RX8200 Product Review | BsBroadcast

Ericsson RX8200 Product Review | BsBroadcast

BsBroadcast 23-04-2020

The broadcasting requirement is changing with the course of time and thanks to the advanced technology and equipment configurations, you can easily get a flexible receiver platform. The Ericsson RX8200 is an advanced modular receiver that is designed to meet the requirements of your every broadcasting need.

By configuring the Ericsson receiver you can easily balance the functionality of the product and tailor the precise needs of a user in a cost-effective way. This results in a unit that is more advance in every way possible, affordable and doesn't compromise on the connectivity and offers a lot of advanced functionalities.

The receiver offers an array of configuration options that supports a variety of broadcasting applications. The Erricson RX8200 can be tailored with High or Standard Definition decoder technology using 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 modes with MPEG-2 or MPEG-4. You will also get a variety of connectivity options including the ASI, DVB-S2 satellite, ATM, and IP options.

The high power processing system ensures that all the configured components get everything that they required in addition to the software upgrading system.

Product Overview

A new receiver

The RX8200 receiver is the fourth generation modular receiver that offers all the technology that the previous module provides. It ensures that you get the maximum reliability and quality of your encoding.

Increased Distribution Capacity

The Ericsson receiver is a combination of DVB-S2 PREKOR satellite and MPEG-4 AVC Encoder which ensures that you get the maximum bandwidth with the highest Services in most transport areas. This is a compelling solution to all the previous Ericsson models.

Wide choice of Input and Output connectivity

The system architect of Rx8200 Ericsson gives you a variety of a multitude of input and output connectivity options. Out of the box, you'll get 3 advanced systems including satellite, IP, and ASI through a choice of different input and output modules. In terms of output, you'll get a variety of audio and video output with the highest quality in the region.

Simplified Control

The amount of specification this device offer doesn't mean that you will have to manage a lot of control devices. To manage a large population the controls of RX8200 are directly integrated into the Ericson control system. This system provides a single-view, remote, and over-air a central location.

Ericsson RX8200 - Base Unit Features

The following features are available on the standard edition of the product:

  • 1 x ASI Input Transport Stream
  • SNMP remote control
  • SCTE 35 contact closures
  • Front Panel Control
  • Alarm relay
  • Addition configuration as per required
  • Single and Multi-Service Filtering
  • Password and Web Browser Protections
  • RS232 remote control

Input Options

The Ericsson RX8200 has a single ASI input for input transmission, but the high usage of capacity and tons of configuration options allows you to choose the input method of your own.

  • Satellite Input (DVB-S2)
  • IP Transport Stream Input
  • G703 ATM Input Option
  • Input Redundancy
  • Null Packet Detection Switching
  • Frame Sync Input Option

Output Option

  • SD Video ASI Output
  • 3 Gbps HD/SD Video
  • ASI Output
  • IP Transport Stream

How did the Ericsson RX8200 encoder and receiver work?

The device offers a lot of configuration options. To get the most out of it, follow the simple philosophy provided below.

  1. Select your channel Input
  2. Select the Video output card
  3. Select CA
  4. Select TS processing
  5. Select the video decode
  6. Select your video processing
  7. Select Data Pass-Through
  8. Select your Audio and decode

Using these steps you can easily incorporate the functionalities of your need with the most optimal price tag.


The RX8200 is an ultimate Modular receiver that offers a lot of connectivity options in a single package. The satellite transmission of the product ensures that you'll get the maximum bandwidth option for the new DVB-SE extension. These new extensions offer 20% more efficiency in the bit rate of most transmission videos. The multi-format decoder supports all the latest video formats in the market from 4:2:0 to 4:2:2 HD decoding. This makes 1080p broadcasting easier to the more distant areas.

In case of low latency, you can use other HD decoding tools to boost your signals to the ultimate levels. All-in-all, it's a high-end package at an affordable rate.