SEO Tips for Bloggers | A Beginners Guide

SEO Tips for Bloggers | A Beginners Guide

Mohit Sharma 23-01-2021

The journey of a new blogger starts with creating a blog that includes valuable content, and the major task of new bloggers is to implement SEO (search engine optimization) to get good traffic to their blog and to crawl and index Leads your creation to search the blog efficiently. . For those who do not know how to implement SEO for their blog, I am going to explain various strategies and tactics about implementing SEO for Blogger in this post.

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The first strategy lies in defining a title tag that is very relevant to the content of your blog. Here's the tip, if you buy a domain with the address that is most convenient for your blog content and a title tag that accurately represents the topic of your blog, your entire blog will be on the same topic. Represents. When your blog TopicOf starts getting rich content about your blog and domain name, it will definitely rank well in the major search engines while searching for that particular jetson strike hoverboard

Your blog title should be added below the <head> tag and defined as below

<title> Your blog title </title>

The second strategy lies in defining your blog's meta tag. This gives a few lines about your blog's view of the subject of your blog. This is another major strategy through which users / people come to your blog. The description of your blog will be displayed in the search engines as shown below so be sensible in choosing the description for your blog as the description is the major strategy to catch the eye of your blog audience.

The description of your blog should be placed under the <head> tag and enclosed within the syntax

<META Content = Your Description Name = Description />

The third and very important and representative strategy lies in defining keywords for your blog which is very convenient with your blog content and is the key word that searches the web related user on your blog. This is a very complex strategy described to catch the eyes of search engines. Add targeted keywords to your blog, most users search for information related to a particular topic. So think about what people search for, who search on your blog to get information and adopt such keywords for their blog.

The keywords in your blog should be determined after the <Head> tag and defined as shown below.

<META Content = Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3, Name = Keyword />

Look like the final coding


<title> Your blog </title>

<Meta content = text / html; Charset = UTF-8 Http-Equiv = Content-Type />

<META Content = Your Description Name = Description />

<META Content = Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3, Name = Keyword />

- Blog Design Stars from here

Note:: UTF-8 is the content-type of your blog here. This will be shown in the first line of your blog Html. Replace UTF-8 with the content-type of your blog.

Like the previously adopted strategy: -

  • Writing unique and quality content for your blog.

  • Updating your blog every day.

  • Avoid changing the blog design repeatedly.

  • Never try to copy content from others.

In my next post, I will post about advanced strategies that you should plan to effectively optimize your blog for high ranking in search engines. So keep visiting for further updates.

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